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The OG Lettuce Cook 5101 White settlement rd Ft. Worth, tx 76114 Phone: 817-989-cook Tcu lettuce cook 3522 Bluebonnet circle Fort worth, tx 76109 817-924-cook River District                tcu Mon - fri 7am - 6pm   Mon - fri 7am - 8pm Saturday 7am - 6pm  Saturday 7am - 8pm Closed Sunday *Due to covid-19 hours may vary Please call us for current hours TCU Location will have Sunday hours coming soon Home LETTUCE SERVE YOU Follow us on Facebook and Instagram Lettuce Grab n’ Go Menu - Wild Caught Salmon Meal - Organic Chicken Meal - Pork Tenderloin Meal - Wild Caught Halibut Meal - Meatloaf Meal - Assorted Vegetarian and Vegan Meals - Assorted Gluten Free &   Clean Eating Diet Meals - Assorted Soups - Assorted Chilis - Organic vegetable medleys and much more!!! - Cabernet  Sautéed mushroom - Classic Mashers - Mac n Cheese - Gluten Free Mac - Hatch Green Chili Mac - Roasted Brussels Sprouts - Smoked Salmon Mousse - Assorted Specialty Dips - Honey Glazed Carrots