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5101 White settlement rd Ft. Worth, tx 76114 Phone: 817-989-cook Open: Mon - fri 7am - 8pm Saturday 7am - 8pm Closed Sunday *Due to covid-19 hours may vary Please call us for current hours Home LETTUCE SERVE YOU Follow us on Facebook and Instagram Lettuce Rise Menu Breakfast Burritos -Bacon, egg, and cheese $4.99 -Sausage, egg, &cheese $4.99 -Brisket, egg, and cheese $7.99 -Paleo Bowl $11.99 -The Wild Wild Wes $10.99 -Egg in a Hole $9.99 -Hammy Manny Omelet $11.99 -Old School Oatmeal $6.99 -The Fonzy $9.99 - Mac Daddy Vegan Burrito $9.99 - Avocado Toast $9.99 ***Add an Egg